The winter months can be a great time to make a start on your home improvements or makeovers, and whilst we’re almost into Spring, it’s not too late to start a cost-effective makeover in your home.

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Whilst many of us have spent far more time indoors over the past months than we’d like, it’s also provided an opportunity for many of us to consider making a start on those home improvements and interior makeovers we’ve been talking about for some time. And whilst we typically undertake renos in winter to enjoy in the summer months, it’s not too late to get started – and it doesn’t need to cost a fortune.

Whether it’s a simple refresh or makeover such as updating colour schemes, furniture and decorations, or you want to simply declutter your home, there are many cost effective, great ideas out there which you can still get done in time. For those who are looking to undertake bigger projects, depending on the outcome you’re wanting to achieve, there might be more cost-effective solutions which still give you the outcome(s) you’re wanting. Here’s just a few you might want to consider.

A fresh coat of paint to refresh and create space

If you’re looking to open up space in your home for the summer months, first consider a cost effective, visual transformation, by giving your space a fresh coat of paint in lighter colours.  Certain colours can lighten and brighten your home without the significant cost of renovations or new furniture. Your rooms will immediately appear larger and more open which might be the outcome you’re hoping to achieve without the cost. Having the feel of open space, especially as we head into the warmer months, will create that sense of coolness and maybe just that change you’re looking for. 

Going for a white or lighter ceiling (than your wall colour), creates a greater sense of height also. So, consider a fresh coat of paint to open up your space and create a new look, add a few new pillows, throws, and homewares, rather than spending significant dollars on new furniture and or renovations to achieve a similar outcome.


Heading into warmer months means you can soon put away your winter woollies and items you use in the cooler months and bring out the ‘spring and summer’ items. But it will pay to think about your storage solutions. If you are short on storage and are considering more, before you go making significant structural changes, there are other options worth considering before you start that costly exercise. You may want to consider other spaces for your additional storage such as your shed, cellar or roof space, and even re-configuring your built-in robes to maximise existing storage space.  It’s about working out what you need to store and reconfiguring your storage to maximise your space. It might pay to decluttering first so you’re only creating storage space for the things you really need. Roof storage is becoming more and more popular with the drop-down ladders for access, as it’s out of sight and in many cases, a significant area for your storage – great for the medium sized items and ones you use once a year. However, these do need to be installed by a professional as there are safety risks.

Seasonal floor coverings

Simple cost-effective floor coverings such as rugs and runners can make a hug difference to your room(s) and home. Thick rugs are ideal for winter months, making a room feel cosy and warm, whilst lighter coverings or no coverings can make the space feel cooler. 

If you are considering replacing your flooring and if you are looking to keep your place warmer, underlay beneath carpets, laminate or wood flooring can help to regulate the temperature. 

Refresh your front yard for spring

Soon some of us will be coming home to a front yard which is over-grown with winter weeds and plants.  Then we find ourselves thinking we need to spend days fixing it with extensive landscaping, which ends up costing a fortune – well this doesn’t need to be the case, keep it simple! Why not consider an easy makeover of your front yard. You’ll be surprised what some new spring plants can do, and removal of the old weeds.  If you have a fence and it’s looking a little worse for wear, consider giving it a coat of fresh paint too. 

There are many ways in which you can transform your home without having to spend the more significant renovation dollars. Research online the DIY websites for small projects, and read up on the latest interior trends by local interior designers to find out the next seasons themes and flavours. Be creative and you’ll be surprised what result you can achieve spending half if not a third of the cost.