Loans for purchasing a vehicle

We have solutions for consumer and business use vehicles. Our brokers have a range of timely and low cost loan options for your purchase of a car, bike, or van.

Our team of skilled Brokers are partnered with one of Australia’s leading service providers for vehicle finance. With an extensive panel of lenders and support network, our team have the capability to obtain swift finance approvals at some of Australia’s most competitive prices.

What types of vehicles do we finance?

We have solutions for consumer or business use vehicles. New or used, electric or petrol, our lending options are versatile for many types of vehicles.

We are confident in finding an appropriate lending solution for you, depending on the value, age, and condition of the vehicle. Interest rates will be contingent on the type of vehicle that is being purchased, but with a diverse range of lending options we are confident in our abilities to find an appropriate finance solution for most vehicle purchases.

Refinancing car loans

A quick review of your car loan may enable you to free up money in your budget. With a quick assessment of your repayments and remaining term, our Brokers can quickly establish
if your existing car loan is still on competitive terms, and still working with your financial goals. In some circumstances, an existing car loan may affect your home loan borrowing capacity too, so it’s worthwhile reviewing whether your existing terms are still beneficial for you.

Quick turnarounds for approval and settlement

We understand that vehicle finance can be urgent, with finance required to be approved and settled within a short timeframe. Our Brokers understand the time pressure associated with purchasing a vehicle, so let us know what timeline you are working with, and we will find a quick finance solution to assist.


The fastest way to obtain finance to purchase a car, is to arrange a pre-approval prior to agreeing to purchase. Similar to a home loan pre-approval, our Brokers can get you the conditional backing of a lender before you commit to a purchase, which can also speed up the process to settlement.

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