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Since 1987 Bernie Lewis Home Loans has been helping South Australians achieve home ownership; finding the right home loan solution to buy homes and property whilst educating clients how to pay their loan(s) off sooner.

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Why you should use a Mortgage Broker

Using the services of a Mortgage Broker has many advantages over approaching a single lender. The most obvious of which is a much greater choice of Lenders and Home Loan products.

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Assessment of Living Expenses in 2020

Posted on: 25/02/2020

The way Lenders assess your living expenses is constantly changing with the increasing regulations for responsible lending. Being prepared for a thorough look into your living expenses can be key to successfully obtaining a loan approval in 2020. We break down how and why Lenders assess your living expenses, and give you a guide to start preparing for your home loan application.

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Ways to buy your next home

Posted on: 14/02/2020

Navigating the path to buying your next home can be complex and daunting. There are multiple ways to strategise the purchase, but it all depends on your position, which will ultimately decide how you can move forward to the home of your dreams.

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How to decide when to refinance your home loan?

Posted on: 15/01/2020

With the RBA cash rate at 0.75%, home loan interest rates are dropping to record lows in Australia, but how do you know when to refinance your home loan? Consider these points:

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Warning: Festive Spending & Repaying

Posted on: 20/12/2019

The Christmas spending season is well and truly here for this Festive Season. A few gentle reminders for those looking at home finance in the New Year, and the implications that can occur if your spending tips over budget, or your usual financial accountability relaxes as those holiday naps approach.

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