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Market Update

Tread very carefully with Pay Day lenders

With many Australians doing it quite hard in the current economic climate, there is some intrigue placed upon Pay Day lenders offering quick cash, which can help pay the bills on time…but it can come at a very hefty price.

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Market Update: May 2023

Welcome to the Bernie Lewis Home Loans mortgage market update for May 2023. In this addition we talk about variable rates catching up to fixed rates, changes to the Home Guarantee Scheme, and staying cyber-secure during the lending process.

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Market Update: April 2023 – Borrowing Capacity

We have finally reached a pause on RBA cash rate increases, which has provided us with a small opportunity to catch our collective breath. We’re all a little tired of the never-ending chatter surrounding the RBA, and there seems to be change coming, so we’ll leave it at that for now and consider borrowing capacity.

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Market Update: March 2023

Check in on your house value and ensure you have a fair interest rate. With another 0.25% Cash Rate increase, we’ve endured another week of dreaded finance news headlines.

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mortgage market update December 2022

Market Update: December 2022

It’s almost a wrap on 2022, we’re looking forward to a short break. Our mortgage market updates have uncomfortably featured RBA cash rate increases for the better part of 2022, with one last 0.25 basis point sting announced at the beginning of the month… we’re crossing our fingers for a little mortgage market stability for the new year.

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Home Guarantee Scheme & Incentives for First Home Buyers

The Home Guarantee Scheme is an Australian Government initiative that supports eligible home buyers to purchase their first home with the assistance of a security guarantee. First home buyers receive the majority of the support available, through the First Home Guarantee and the Regional First Home Buyer Guarantee. Single parents also have access to support with the Family Home Guarantee. With a wide variety of lenders, there are plenty of incentives on offer to assist Australians with home ownership.

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