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Downsizing is a consideration many will contemplate as they approach retirement or the later years of a loan term, seeking financial and lifestyle flexibility.

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Property Reports: Identifying Value

We provide property reports free of charge with current and relevant information about a property. These reports can include estimated value ranges, comparable recent sales in an area, suburb history, and rental information.

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Refinancing a Car Loan

We see a lot of high interest rate car loans when conducting our home loan borrowing assessments, many may find themselves paying too much, and they can even have an impact of your borrowing capacity.

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RBA cash rate increase

Habits: Loan Application Impacts

Us humans are habitual creatures, good, bad, and in-between. We consciously and subconsciously create everyday habits that can have an effect on your home loan application, and it’s not only our debt habits that credit assessors pick up on. Whether these habits work in our favour, or against us, is actually an important consideration when getting ready to apply for a loan.

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Five simple ways to ‘gamify’ your home loan

Paying off a mortgage can seem like an endless and relentless burden. Particularly in the early years of you loan when each repayment seems to hardly make a dent in your outstanding loan balance. So why not ‘gamify’ your loan. Turn the process of paying your loan off faster into a game, with the ultimate prize being debt free, with the Bank off your back and owning your home outright. What better prize than that!

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Two Great Benefits To Building Your First Home

Buying land and building your first home presents some great benefits to first home buyers, which makes starting out with something from scratch, a very attractive prospect for first time entrants to the housing market. Aside from a owning a brand new home that would be modern and shiny, there are two potentially substantial financial benefits to buying land & building your first home.

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3 must-knows for property investors to prepare for End of Financial Year

Crunch time has come for property investors with June 30 fast approaching. If you are a property investor, you will know what a hectic time end of financial year (EOFY) can be. However, with a little forward planning, you will be well on your way to a smooth tax lodgment come EOFY. Read on for the biggest must-knows for property investors this tax season, helping you stay out of trouble with the ATO and minimising your tax bill while maximising your long-term savings.

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