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Are you getting the discounted rate that you deserve?

You will find that many lenders offer a discount package that most of their borrowers are eligible for, but these packages go by many different names. In more recent years, as well as these packages, discounts have been based on the amount that people borrowed – the larger the loan, the bigger the discount. If you aren’t borrowing enough to be eligible for a discount package or don’t fall into the right profession, don’t worry!! there could still be a discount package for you.

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4 Bad Money Habits To Change Today

Many of us have some bad money habits that we need to work on, because bad habits hold us back. They stop us from reaching our goals and they often keep us ‘strapped for cash’, tired, and unhappy. Reason enough to ditch bad ones for some good ones!

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Four Rules To Pay Your Home Loan Off Faster

Research shows that people who own their homes outright are far more financially secure in life than those with a mortgage or those who rent, particularly as you get closer to retirement age. If you follow these four rules, you too could pay off your home loan sooner.

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Why a Mortgage Broker should be your first port of call

When it comes to the ‘best interest duty’ of a home loan provider, no single Bank or Lender can ‘honestly’ recommend their own product(s) as ‘the best’ home loan for that particular customer and their situation without including other home loan products available.

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6 Tips When Choosing A Real Estate Agent

There are a number of factors that you need to take into consideration when selling your home and choosing the right real estate agent and one that will be the ‘best fit’, is always a difficult decision.

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Make ‘moving day’ less stressful

If you have just finalised the purchase of your new home, moving day is just around the corner! You are probably thinking about the time it will take to pack up your belongings in your current home and move them to your new one.

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What is the Role of A Conveyancer

When you buy or sell a property or block of land, there are a range of things that need to be considered and duties that need to be performed to ensure settlement runs smoothly. The main objective being, the Title to the land or property is legally transferred to the new owner.

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