Property Reports: Identifying Value

We provide property reports free of charge with current and relevant information about a property. These reports can include estimated value ranges, comparable recent sales in an area, suburb history, and rental information.

Data is king when it comes to property. Knowing specific information related to a property can be the difference between negotiating the right price if you’re looking to purchase or maximising your value when it comes time to sell.

Property data is also an important aspect to keep track of your equity position. Identifying your equity regularly may lead to a better home loan deal or even unlock your ability to pursue other financial goals and objectives, such as an investment purchase.

If you’re looking to purchase, then a property report may help you attend property inspections and auctions knowing what is beyond the face value of a home, which could shape what you think a home is truly worth.

We can provide reports on specific properties and suburbs, typically these reports are free of charge and in most cases, they will provide you with an estimated price range for a particular property. Property reports will allow you to:

  • Obtain an estimated price range and value
  • Look at the sales and rental history of a property
  • Compare against properties that have recently sold or are listed for sale and rent
  • Discover what is nearby in the neighbourhood, such as public transport, schools, shops, food & beverage venues, gyms, parks and playgrounds
  • Consider the demographics of an area and how they may affect your lifestyle and the value of the home in the future

As a Mortgage Broker we work with you to seek the right deals throughout your property journey. Part of our service to you is to ensure you can access the appropriate information you need to make suitable decisions regarding your home finance. Please reach out to us on 8300 8300 or contact us here if you would like some further information on a particular property.