Chatting with new Bernie Lewis Home Loans Owner Scott Matthews

We sat down with Scott Matthews, the new owner of Bernie Lewis Home Loans! Scott is genuinely fantastic in his role as Mortgage Broker, and now he simultaneously tackles life as our owner and leader.

Tell us a bit about yourself professionally?

I started working at 14 years of age with a paper round and have worked ever since.

I have a degree from the University of Adelaide as an Environmental Scientist, specialising in Aquatic Ecology. I worked in this field for about 18 months, but it wasn’t for me.

I spent 5 years in South Australia Police (SAPOL) from 1999. I started as a Patrol Constable, before finishing in Drug & Organised Crime as a Senior Constable. I very much enjoyed my career. Whilst working in SAPOL, I completed a Diploma in Justice, and a Certificate III in Finance Broking. I began part-time work as a Mortgage Broker in 2002, before leaving SAPOL in 2004 to become a full-time Mortgage Broker.

In October 2021 I joined Bernie Lewis Home loans and became the sole owner of the company in February 2022.

I now call myself a Finance Broker, meaning I am a specialist in Commercial and Residential finance. I primarily work as a Broker, and I am supported as the business owner by an amazing management team and Brokers.

What are your passions outside of work?

My family is first. I have a beautiful wife, and together we have 4 children: ages 9,9,9 and 11… oh, and our Old English Sheep dog, Zoe.

We love travelling, whether it be interstate or local camping adventures. I enjoy camping and fishing, sometimes I wonder why though, because I never seem to catch that many fish!

My wife and I enjoy nothing more than wine on a Friday or Saturday night, sitting at home with the kids and being together. Whether it is board games or beach walks, just being present and together.

I love footy, at 45 years of age I am fortunate enough to still be playing, albeit the body needs extra work to stay fit and strong. I love footy as much as the lads I play with, we are a strong cohesive team and I think our on-field success reflects our off-field connections.

Describe your perfect weekend or holiday

I love getting down to Gleesons Landing or Marion Bay, rolling out the swag, with a small fire and glass of red. The kids love exploring the beach, fishing from the jetty, and exploring the national park during the day. When I am camping, I feel free, my problems seem to disappear into the sand. I am not sure there is a better night’s sleep than tucked away in a warm swag in a desolate location…

In saying that, we travel a lot and it’s hard to go past the kid’s excitement at Wet’n’Wild on the Gold Coast, a big footy match in Melbourne, or a sneaky getaway in Port Douglas without the kids…

Describe your family and home life

We are a blended family. We have 4 kids that come and go, they’re never here long enough. Things are just simple at home. All 4 kids are best friends, and it is easy as they are consumed by each other.

I think we own every Lego City set ever created, and well enjoy Lego. A winter favourite is our own Lego Master’s competition in the playroom.

You’ll find us having a pizza or BBQ in the backyard, swimming in the pool, playing with the dog… just lounging around at home together. That’s our enjoyment right there, we are a very simple family.

What is the best piece of advice you give clients at the moment?

  • General: Work hard and pay down your debt, but don’t ever put money above enjoyment in life (nobody wants to be rich and miserable)
  • Investing: If you want to eat the fruit from the tree, you have to first plant the tree. Use professional advice to advance your financial freedom.
  • At the moment: it’s hard to hear… but ride the storm! Rates are increasing and that was inevitable, but they will find an equilibrium in the market, and they will stabilise. At the same time your wage will hopefully increase, and you will also find balance again. It’s no time to panic right now, but it is time to be smart. If there was a storm coming, you would prepare your home, and you know the storm will pass. It’s time to prepare your finances, bunker down and wait for the storm to pass. Don’t forget to put happiness first!

What do you love the most about being a Mortgage Broker?

It really is a tie between my own freedom and the role I play in a client’s life.

I can work as hard as I like, for as long as I like, but take time out for myself. I have made a life for myself where I can work hard, but still attend my children’s school concerts, Sports Days, and occasionally a game of golf.

As a broker, I enjoy building relationships with my clients. I don’t ever consider myself a transactional broker, as I feel important in contributing to a client’s growth. I work hard for my clients, and I feel my clients respect the effort and energy I put into my professional role. I really do love being a Finance Broker.

Call Scott Matthews today on 0419 844 057 or email scott@bernielewis.com.au

Disclaimer: The content of this article is general information and is not financial advice, nor is it intended to imply any recommendation or opinion about any particular financial product. It does not take into consideration your personal situation and may not be relevant to your personal circumstances. Please consider your own circumstances and seek professional advice.