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The Home Hub: Winter Interior Styling Trends

Posted in: InsightsPosted on: 02/06/2020

We caught up with Adelaide based Interior Designer Theadora Leonardis of La Personne Concept, to get some insights and advice for styling your home for this Winter. Start getting your place cosy for the frosty months ahead with the latest trends to warm up your home.

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$25K New Home Buyers and Renovators Grant on the way!

Posted in: Insights, NewsPosted on: 02/06/2020

The Federal Government has announced a new program to provide stimulus for new home building and renovations to existing properties as a means to keep tradies and the building industry in work.

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SA Property Market Outlook May 2020

Posted in: Insights, NewsPosted on: 29/05/2020

A resilient South Australian property market could be tested, but encouraging signs emerge.

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10 value adding fixes to your home this Autumn

Posted in: InsightsPosted on: 05/05/2020

We have some simple and affordable renovation solutions that can make your home more desirable to not only future buyers, but for yourself and your loved ones to spend some valuable time in over the coming months. See our 10 fixes for this Autumn.

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RBA Update 5th of May 2020

Posted in: NewsPosted on: 05/05/2020

As expected the RBA, at it’s monthly Board Meeting earlier today, left the Cash Rate unchanged at it’s record low of 0.25%.

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Working through coronavirus troubles for landlord and tenants

Posted in: Insights, NewsPosted on: 07/04/2020

With the Federal Government announcing a 6 month moratorium on evictions, landlords and tenants have been advised to work through their issues together. In these uncertain times it could pay to keep the communication lines open, and to know what your options are.

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Some real positives if interest rates stay low

Posted in: InsightsPosted on: 07/04/2020

With home loan interest rates continuing to fall there are some real benefits to be found. You could find yourself saving money with your current lender, pursuing a cheaper lender, or even entering the purchase market in a much cheaper fashion than you previously thought.

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Will a repayment holiday affect your credit report

Posted in: InsightsPosted on: 07/04/2020

Banks have responded to the Coronavirus pandemic by offering short-term relief packages, such as a home loan repayment holiday, for those who have suffered a loss of income. But will a repayment holiday cause an issue with your credit report?

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Seek advice before taking a loan repayment holiday

Posted in: InsightsPosted on: 03/04/2020

Our Mortgage Brokers are here to help you understand your home finance options whilst we all do our part to battle the Coronavirus pandemic. Seek our advice before taking a loan repayment holiday, it could save you in the long term.

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How can you prepare for financial hardship when it comes to your home loan

Posted in: Insights, NewsPosted on: 24/03/2020

Many lenders have been quick in their response to the Coronavirus Pandemic, with specific hardship support policies in place to assist borrowers through these uncertain times.

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