Your first mortgage is the single most significant financial transaction in your life. Your family's mortgage broker will guide you in the right direction.

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Investing in your first home is likely to be the most daunting decision for a person or couple, so having someone you trust to guide you, is invaluable.

It simply is a transaction you cannot afford to get wrong, and potentially a huge cost to you over a 30 year mortgage if you don’t know what you’re doing or haven’t sought the right advice from a professional.

You’ll require reassurance, guidance and choice, which only an expert in the field can provide, and this is exactly what your family mortgage broker offers you.

  • They care for your best interests, based on your individual scenario.
  • They provide you with options that are most beneficial for you and how you want to live.
  • They allow you to make informed decisions by providing you with facts, insights and comparisons.
  • They handle your home loan from application to settlement, and beyond. They definitely have got your back in what can be a complicated and time consuming process in the current home loan market.

Statistics say almost 60%* of home-owners are guided by a mortgage broker, so it is more than likely that one helped your family and friends with their home too.

So find out who it is they trust, that can help you too. Call 8300 8300 to speak with a Bernie Lewis Mortgage Broker today.