Starting the journey to buying your first home can be intimidating, but staying on track to fulfill your dream can be even more of a challenge. Here are some of our tips to keeping on the path to home ownership!

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Take the leap

Don’t be negative about how long you think it may take to save for a deposit.

The more apprehensive you are, the longer you will wait to transfer into your savings account.

Setup automatic transfers

Set up an automatic weekly transfer to your savings account that is realistic with your fixed expenses in mind, and don’t touch it!

Any ‘me’ money that is left over when your next pay day arrives, put it straight into your savings.

You’ll become addicted to the rising savings balance soon enough, and if it’s automatic, it’s less tempting to change your savings behaviour.

Acknowledge the sacrifice

Most of us don’t have access to a money tree.

It will take a level of sacrifice to make your dreams happen.

Acknowledge at the start that visits to the pub or local café will lessen, you might have to outfit repeat, and you might have do-away with those beach holidays for a period.

Be a smart researcher

Know your price range, know what you like and where you would like it.

Don’t overwhelm yourself by not knowing what you can afford, what type of property suits you and what suburbs would work for you.

Think it through, and then set your filters accordingly in your favourite property search application such as or

Use your mortgage broker, they can assist with more information than just lending products.

Envision your new lifestyle

Visualize how you want your style to be reflected on the interior of your first home.

Imagine walking your dog out of your own, making a coffee in your own kitchen, or watering your own fiddle leaf fig in the lounge room.

Creating the end-game imagery in your mind, helps keep a dream alive and fully committing to fulfilling your commitment to owning your first home!


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This is general information and your own personal circumstances should be taken into consideration when making decisions regarding the security of your home and insurance.