Luisa Mercurio

Mortgage & Finance Broker

About Luisa

Luisa is the type of warm and bubbly person you just want to be around, she’s always up for a good laugh, and the fact that she is a skilled and highly sought-after Mortgage Broker is just the cherry on top. She is a proud Mum and Nonna, who loves hanging out with her family and cooking a free meal for them. Luisa is meticulous and a hard worker, so in her spare time she enjoys chilling out with a nice glass of wine, listening to some music, or reading a decent book…preferably on a beautiful beach setting.

Luisa has been working in finance since 1979, including management and human resources. She took a break to raise her children and not too long after found her way back into finance with Bernie Lewis. She is one of our lucky brokers who actually had the pleasure to work with Bernie himself. Luisa has been faithfully serving Australian homeowners for some 20 years now, providing carefully considered advice for all walks of life.

As someone who has seen it all over her time, Luisa aims to bring calmness to her clients through their journey, as they prepare to ride the waves of the market. She believes you should never put off what you can achieve today, as tomorrow isn’t a given. With Luisa’s in-depth lending advice, you’ll be best placed to make confident and well-guided decisions. Luisa hasn’t been doing this for 20 years for no reason, she absolutely loves it and that passion for her craft resonates in the success she has as a Mortgage Broker. You’re in some of the most caring hands that can be found in the finance industry when you choose Luisa Mercurio.

Interesting Fact:

  • Luisa speaks fluent Italian


Luisa worked her butt off for this loan! With a short deadline and an unusual request, she had a challenge that she achieved on time and in full.


Luisa was always willing to go the extra mile, meet with us and call us out of hours and follow up on everything we were unsure about. She was absolutely amazing and made the whole process a breeze.


Luisa was amazing went above and beyond to help me settle. As a first time home owner I felt quite overwhelmed but Luisa made things so easy explained numbers process. Was incredible!!! thanks Luisa!

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