The Home Hub: 5 Tips To Declutter Your Home In Preparation For Sale

Are you preparing your home for sale this Summer? Is a ‘declutter’ on your list of things to do? Here’s 5 tips that might help!

In the words of Marie Kondo, does it spark joy?

A top turn-off for potential buyers is chaos and mess, so it’s important to get your home decluttered and organised! Shedding ‘layers of life’ will also be a bonus come moving day, plus you’ll start afresh in your new home with clutter-free space.

For many of us, decluttering is difficult – there is often sentimental value in the form of memories and experiences attached to knick-knacks, while others just find comfort from a home filled to the brim with their favourite things. But it’s time to get your head in the sell-space. The cold, harsh reality is that you need to present the best first impression to potential buyers, and your memories are not on their list of wants or needs.

Buyers desire storage and space, and will favour a home they can easily visualise as their own. So, decluttering is about making your home feel larger, showing off your storage, and selectively pruning to achieve that balance of de-personalised comfort to allow buyers to easily envision themselves moving in. Your end goal is to entice buyers to linger in each room, so they can see the features and benefits of your home.