Russell J


As I was a first home buyer three years ago I was very nervous to say the least, applying for a home loan and actually taking responsibility. With the pressure of the whole process, and the thought of owing that amount of money, I started looking for home loan agents and contacted a big four bank; thinking that’s who you call, who were very rude and had no time for a little first home buyer like myself who had so many questions, it seemed they just didn’t care.

I called Bernie Lewis Home Loans which was just around the corner from my workplace and got an appointment the same day in the afternoon. I left 30 minutes early and attended the appointment and was astounded at how relaxed and informative they were, all of my 20 questions were answered and more. After submitting my documents and finding out how much I could borrow, and the best options (which by the way was around 7-8 different lenders), they made it real easy to understand my circumstances and who to choose. As I was already looking at houses the next day, I put an offer in straight away and it was accepted the next day. Within 2 weeks Bernie Lewis Home Loans had my application approved and I was now a first home buyer.

I cannot thank Bernie Lewis Home Loans enough, not to mention James Lagudi my mortgage broker who made it all possible, and so easy that I was amazed that something so complex was so easy to do. It was because of this I also recommended my brother not long after, and he himself has now bought his first home. Since then I have returned to James for advice and he is still exceptional in what he does. thanks again.