It feels a little like groundhog day with the impact the COVID-19 pandemic is having across the country right now. Whilst we are wary of flooding your inbox with another dreaded virus related message, we do feel the need to highlight the support on offer for those who may need to access it.

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Most lenders are still offering hardship support in varying ways, with the most common being a repayment deferral to home loan customers who meet certain criteria. It's important to understand that interest and fees typically still accrue during this period, with capitalised interest and fees added to the loan. This means the deferred charges would be due to be repaid via increased monthly repayments after the hardship period has finished. Each lender has specific eligibility criteria to determine if COVID-19 hardship support is available to you based on your current circumstances. If you’re not currently experiencing hardship but are sensibly looking to take extra precautions, the best thing you can do right now is to simply give us a call to talk about your options. Interest rates are still low, particularly in the variable space. For those considering fixed rates, now might be the time to seriously have a chat about your home loan (and consider 'rate lock').

We have a few different options for you to choose from whilst we tackle this restrictive period, to ensure your home loan activities can remain on track without any delays. Depending on the desired outcomes of your appointment you could choose from the following methods:


  • Phone call or conference
  • Facetime (for Apple users)
  • Zoom (video) conferencing (your Mortgage Broker can send you a link) 

Our team has access to all the technology systems and tools they use daily to assist our clients, so please contact us on 8300 8300 or email to discuss your meeting type preference and desired outcomes to make the most appropriate arrangements for your circumstances.

Our Head Office doors will reopen again on Wednesday the 29th of July 2021, all things going well.

Stay safe and take care.