We caught up with Adelaide based Interior Designer Theadora Leonardis of La Personne Concept, to get some insights and advice for styling your home for this Winter. Start getting your place cosy for the frosty months ahead with the latest trends to warm up your home.

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Trends for Winter 2020

I see warm neutral tones and earthy textures trending in a big way this winter. To create a cosy seasonal space, try using warm whites, nudes and beiges for walls and large furniture selections. Feature wall panelling or exposed brick complement this trend perfectly. For smaller furniture selections, try textured natural timbers and warm coloured stone.

Layering textiles in winter is a must. To help add warmth and texture, try adding extra throws, cushions and woven rugs in materials such as linen and wool.

If you’re wanting to add some colour, ensure you’re selecting warm muted tones, like brown or terracotta. 

Keeping your curtains drawn or shutters closed during the cooler months will help keep the warmth in, but it can hinder natural light. To help brighten your space, it’s important to consider other lighting options. Table and floor lamps work well to set a cosy mood. A round frosted glass table lamp or a paper floor lamp can serve as both a light source and a decorative piece for the space.

For other decorative additions, try natural elements like dried leaves or floral arrangements. These work well, as they tie into the colours found in nature during the winter season. Rustic vases and bowls with texture and age also complement this trend.

5 things you should consider when starting to think about doing a makeover

1. DECLUTTER: Consider removing any unnecessary items from the space. Ask yourself what can go and what really needs to stay.

2. RESEARCH: Look at a range of different spaces for inspiration. This will help you understand the styles you love and why. From here, you can easily decide on what changes need to be made in order to achieve the overall look and feel you desire.

3. CONSIDER: It’s important to think about what activities take place in this room, as the changes you make will need to support them. These days, a lounge room can serve more than just one purpose – for example, a home office or a playroom for the kids. How will the changes you make support this?

4. REWORK: It’s possible to makeover a space without having to buy new furniture. Think about changing up your textiles or adding additional light sources to give your space a new feeling.

5. REFRESH: A fresh coat of paint is a great and easy way to change the entire look of a room. Consider trying a new colour that complements the space.

Rooms to focus on first for your Winter makeover

The living room and the bedroom are used much more during the winter months. To help you get through the cold nights, it’s important to make these spaces warm and comforting. Simple textile additions can have a big impact – think throws, cushions and a warm rug.

Another area that should be considered is your outdoor living space. You still want to have the option to entertain outside at this time of the year. Try incorporating some of the elements that you’ve used inside into your outdoor space. A basket of throws for guests can go a long way! 

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