An uncertain economic environment often leads to misguided predictions for the property market, or misconceptions around how lenders and home loan interest rates will react.

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Finance and real estate news headlines are largely focused on the Eastern seaboard, so it’s beneficial to take a deep breath and to look closer at what’s happening in our own backyard, as your property goals may be more attainable than you think. 

“I’ll wait for rates to fall again”

There are so many interest rate predictions being thrown around that it’s hard not to be confused. There’s even been talk that the RBA may eventually drop the cash rate to zero or sub-zero, but that could be highly unlikely in Australia. What we do know is rates are at an all-time low now and you might be better off moving forward now, rather than banking on the unknown. You might be able to lock in something cheap for the short-term and start realising benefits straight away.

“Refinancing is too difficult at the moment”

There are certainly more questions being asked by Lenders than ever before, and yes refinancing can seem inconvenient and time consuming at the moment. This is why a Mortgage Broker is beneficial by doing the hard yards for you, enabling you to still see the benefits of saving real money through obtaining a better deal. Whilst you may need to provide a little more information, refinancing is still achievable and may be easier than you think with professional help.

“I think property prices are going to drop and I’ll find a bargain”

The resilience of the Adelaide property market is proven, with Adelaide amongst the only capital cities recording modest growth in house prices between March and July, with only a very slight drop in the recent months. This is positive for South Australian homeowners and sellers, especially when compared to the negative trends experienced in other capital cities across Australia. Whilst traditionally not a market with strong capital growth returns, the market typically proves steady in the face of economic uncertainty. Because of this stability, you may be best off investing in South Australian property sooner rather than later, as the fall of the market is unlikely to result in significant bargains for buyers.

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