In times of ‘uncertainty’ it’s human nature to ‘sit on our hands’ and wait until…until when? What is actually stopping you from moving forward? Can we help?

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You were ready to move, to start looking seriously at buying your first home, or an opportunity came up to buy that bigger or dream home. Maybe you considered buying an investment property. What stopped you?

Maybe you were considering refinancing at a lower interest rate to capitalise on the all-time-low rates on offer right now? What stopped you?

For many of us, we’ve been directly affected by the impact of COVID or we’ve managed to get so caught up in the COVID global pandemic that’ we’ve put our lives on hold. Whether it’s the daily breaking news, latest updates happening in our hometown and around the world, it’s been a very uncertain and unnerving time. And what we’ve then found ourselves doing is, putting EVERYTHING on hold. On hold until things get better or until the dust settles, or until things return to ‘normal’. The list goes on. The reality is, if those things aren’t really impacting you, why would you put your financial goals on hold?

At Bernie Lewis Home Loans we are still helping customers every day find finance solutions to achieve their goals and keep moving forward - we’ve been doing it ourselves for over 33 years through all the ups and downs, and we’re still here to help our customers do the same.

Whether it’s refinancing to save money or free up some cash, buying new property, or buying your first home, if you can, we encourage you to continue moving forward by seeking expert advice from a team you can trust.

If you have any questions about finance solutions to help you achieve your goals, please make a time to chat with your Mortgage Broker who can work through your options and keep things on track.

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