The top 6 reasons why you should use a Bernie Lewis Mortgage Broker

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  1. Advice - we are local, we know the market and we are qualified home loan advisers who can provide expert home loan advice
  2. Research - we will negotiate with the banks, credit unions and other financial providers on your behalf to get your loan approved on suitable terms
  3. Choice - we have hundreds of home loan products to choose from and we work with Banks, Credit unions and other financial providers.  We can easily identify the best loan options that meet your needs
  4. Time - we manage the whole process for you, from application right through to settlement and beyond, saving you time and stress
  5. Convenience - we have three convenient office locations, or we can come to you – just tell us the time and place that suits you
  6. Free - our service is provided at no cost to you (we are paid directly by the Lenders in the form of a commission)