Every year thousands of intrepid Aussies travel abroad seeking adventure and fun. So what happens if you become ill overseas? or involved in an accident or natural disaster while on holiday?

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Why is travel insurance so important?

Every year thousands of intrepid Aussies travel abroad seeking adventure and fun. So what happens if you become ill overseas? Or involved in an accident or natural disaster while on holiday? 

Overseas medical assistance can leave you hundreds of thousands of dollars out of pocket.  Sometimes other countries don’t have the standard of care that we have here in Australia. So depending on your medical condition and the hospital facilities available it might mean being evacuated to a nearby country to assist you. 

It is really scary to think people are still taking risks and not being adequately covered for travel.  So next time you are planning your adventures make sure you spend time ensuring you have adequate cover in place; should the unexpected happen you will have peace of mind knowing you can have the best possible care. 

Here are 12 expert tips from our professional Insurance Advisers*:

  1. Purchase your insurance as soon as you have paid your deposit – to make sure you are fully covered for cancellation should your travel not go ahead. In most instances you can recover costs for delayed travel.
  2. Make sure you advise of any pre-existing medical conditions and always travel with your medication in your hand luggage, take a few days extra with you in case of travel delays.
  3. Ensure personal items are adequately covered and you have multiple options for accessing money should your card be lost or stolen during your travels.
  4. Make sure you have all required inoculations and medication when travelling to certain areas
  5. Always carry a copy of your insurance certificate and passport with you, give copies to a family member while you are away
  6. Make a deal to stay in contact with loved ones back home; ensure they are left with a copy of your itinerary so they know your moves.
  7. Register with smartraveller.gov.au and identify where your closest embassy is located
  8. Insurance is just as important for ‘safe countries’ as it as for countries deemed higher risk
  9. If you are involved in a crime overseas keep all police reports for your claim 
  10. There are different types of cover, some insurance won’t cover flight disruptions or emergency flights home should a loved one become ill, so make sure you are covered for what is important for you
  11. In the event that something untoward happens overseas knowing you have a broker to assist 24/7 is really vital; put their contact details in your phone
  12. Have an incredible time!
*Whilst this is professional advice you must take into consideration your own personal circumstances before acting upon this advice or making any decisions.