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With the help of a financial adviser you can piece together the foundations for a long-term and successful savings and investment plan.

Rather than treating the various aspects of your portfolio - such as property ownership, superannuation, personal savings and fixed assets - as separate issues, it is beneficial to create a formula that takes all areas into equal consideration and aims to have them working together.

An experienced financial adviser will gather information about you and your financial position, assess the available options, and design and implement an appropriate strategy to help you towards a happy retirement.

But there is one further aspect of good financial management that never stops - ongoing systematic reviews of the financial strategy that was originally implemented.

It is one thing to put effective parameters in place, but just as important is to keep an eye on a plan's successes, failures, strengths and weaknesses as years go by.

If one component is going well you might want to understand why and see if more of your time and money should be placed in that direction.

Conversely if there are elements of your approach that are not working as well for you as they could be, an expert will sit down and try to restructure the plan accordingly.

The end goal is always to provide you with a retirement fund befitting the hard work you put in during your career.

Regular reviews help to manage your money effectively in light of changes to the local or global economy, interest rates, inflation, your own income and more.

Quarterly, yearly or biennial reviews can be conducted at your discretion to ensure the advice you initially received is up to date and still providing benefits.