The silly season has arrived. The kids have their lists in and the rush is well and truly near. See our tips on how to have a great Christmas without inflicting too much damage to the credit cards and savings accounts this year!

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First things first, know your budget, and get creative to reduce the costs.

Here are our tips to keep the costs down this Christmas:

  • The spend ceiling - discuss setting a limit on gift spending. This can keep your budget realistic and under control.
  • Kids only - Let the kids have the fun, and soften the blow for the adults this year. Suggest a kids only rule for gifts with your extended family and friends.
  • An adult Kris Kringle - Set a spend limit, draw a name out of a hat, and keep everyone guessing. A great way to reduce the gift list without offending your loved ones.
  • Bargain bin - Shop online for the best bargain. In particular, follow brands and retailers on social media, where exclusive discounts can be found. Please consider your local business first!
  • Out with the generic - Personalize Christmas by creating your own cards, wrappings and decorations (all you need is some brown paper and your kid’s artistic talents). YouTube has some fantastic tutorials to help you get creative. Even better, get digital and record a video message via your favourite handheld device. Your loved ones will appreciate the personal touch.
  • Bring a basket - Share the cost of hosting Christmas lunch this year, invite your guests to bring something to the table. Sharing food and drinks is right in the Christmas spirit, and will ease the cost burden for this year’s host.
  • There’s always next year - Plan for next year, set a savings plan and keep in touch with various the sales (in-store or online) throughout the year.

We ask you to also please consider those less fortunate. Consider donating any leftover Christmas savings to charities or consider a reverse advent calendar, where you can gift those unwanted or unused items hanging around the home. Extend the Christmas spirit to those who are doing it tough.