Understanding insurance can be difficult but it is important to know what you are protected against. The Insurance Council of Australia has created a great resource to help make insurance easier to understand.

To learn more about insurance, visit Insurance Council of Australia.

You will also find a large amount of useful information on the Understand Insurance website.

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Contract Advice Service

Another great service we offer our clients is the Contract Advice Service. This service can quickly identify areas of exposure in the insurance and indemnity clauses in your contract. Doing this before you sign the contract gives you the opportunity to either renegotiate those clauses and/or plan how to manage those exposures in advance. For a fee of $484.00 (incl. GST) your contract can be reviewed by a legal professional and written advice can be provided within a short timeframe.

For more information about this service, download a factsheet.

Contract Advice Service
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Helpful tips to make sure your home and property stays safe while you travel.

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