​A Bernie Lewis Financial Adviser can provide ongoing assistance in planning your financial future.


If you’re like most Australians, your superannuation will be your biggest asset after your home. We explain the issues you need to consider and look at how to make your super work hard for you.

There are many things you should consider when looking at and reviewing your superannuation including; consolidation, contributions (salary sacrifice), how to invest and a fund review.

There are also retirement savings opportunities for the over 55’s.

A Bernie Lewis Financial Adviser will take you through all of the considerations in line with your future goals and plans.

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When it comes to accidents and illnesses everybody thinks it won’t happen to them. But unfortunately the numbers suggest otherwise. And while there is no magic shield to protect yourself; there are ways to minimise the financial impact on your lifestyle, your business and your loved ones.

The types of cover available which you may want to consider and talk to a Bernie Lewis Financial Adviser about are:

Life Cover

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BLFS-Insurance for your peace of mind
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Total and Permanent Disability (TPD)

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BLFS-TPD insurance
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BLFS-Trauma insurance
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​Income Protection

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BLFS-Income Protection insurance
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Business Expenses

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BLFS-Business Expenses insurance
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Child Cover

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BLFS-Term insurance
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Bernie Lewis Insurance Services also offers general insurance advice and protection for your other valuable assets including your home and contents, motor vehicle, boat or caravan. 


Managing your money effectively is the key to creating a great financial outcome and security. Without the ability to save, real financial success may not be possible.

Whilst budgeting isn’t the most exciting financial strategy, without one it is difficult to achieve your goals, whether they are going on a holiday or buying a house.

Talk to a Bernie Lewis Financial Adviser about your goals, and they can recommend an effective budget which could work for you.

Cash flow management and savings plan

Effective cash flow management is about knowing where all your money goes and simplifying your income and expenses so you can see exactly what is spent, when, and on what.

Through efficient management of your finances you can take control of your financial life and be confident that the structure you put in place today will help you manage your finances now, and in to the future. Once you have an effective cash flow management process and appropriate tools in place, a Bernie Lewis Financial Adviser can then help you to set realistic goals to work towards; a savings plan.

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BLFS-Get financially fit
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BLFS-Where did all the money go?
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Having a plan in place to secure your financial future can be a life changing event. But investing requires you to make big decisions today about a future that is largely uncertain.

Markets are challenging because they are inherently unpredictable. Some recent twists and turns include record low interest rates, intermittent volatility (market swings), and intervention by governments on a scale never seen before.

To help you plan for your future, we provide robust portfolio solutions to deliver outcomes based on our understanding of your needs.

A Bernie Lewis Financial Adviser can look at your future goals and then make recommendations on appropriate investment strategies which may also incorporate managed funds, education funding and imputation bonds.

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Retirement planning

Retirement is not a one off event. It’s everyday of your post working life which could be 20 years plus so financial matters must be well planned.

If you’re thinking of retiring, about to retire, or perhaps you already have? Careful planning will give you more certainty and flexibility in retirement.

There is so much to consider. We recommend you talk to a Bernie Lewis Financial Adviser about your retirement and your options.

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Estate planning

A well prepared retirement plan also ensures that when you’re no longer around your assets will be passed to whom you want, in the most effective manner.

This process, known as estate planning, involves more than just writing a Will. It considers legal and taxation implications and may include a variety of planning strategies.

Talk to a Bernie Lewis Financial Adviser about Estate Planning today.

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