The journey – how we will provide financial advice to you

We aim to build life time financial relationships with all of our clients by delivering quality services that provide solutions to achieve your goals and objectives, and ever changing needs throughout your life. The initial stages of preparing financial advice for you are outlined below, however it’s important to remember that the appropriate financial advice adapts to meet your changing needs and priorities over time. Continually reviewing your strategy is essential.

Our value to you

Everyone has financial needs, but many people don’t think about what their long term needs are in the context of their overall lifestyle. It is often only when a significant event, such as a change in job or home, retirement or redundancy is on the horizon that we think about our finances and whether they are adequate to meet our needs.

Our approach to financial advice makes the process of identifying and achieving your goals simple and clear. Our aim is that you will fully understand:

  • What strategies we are recommending and why
  • How these strategies will assist you in achieving your goals
  • How much our advice and the implementation of our recommendations will cost you, and
  • Our ongoing service and value to you.

The advice that we offer is tailored to each of our clients, therefore the strategies that we recommend to you will be uniquely suited to your individual needs. To develop these strategies and implement a plan for your financial future, we will take you through the following stages:

  1. First meeting
  2. Getting all the facts
  3. Agreeing on the service
  4. Preparing the advice
  5. Presenting the advice
  6. Implementation
  7. Ongoing review and service
BLFS-The journey

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BLFS-Our value to you
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