Good financial advice is all about making the most of life...

What is financial advice?

At it's heart, good financial advice is all about making the most of life – helping you to decide what you want to achieve and setting the financial strategies to help you do it.

Everyone has different goals in life, but for most of us, finances play an important role in reaching them. That’s where we can help.

Bernie Lewis Financial Solutions is an authorised corporate representitive of RI Advice Pty Ltd. The RI Advice Group (formally RetireInvest) have helped thousands of Australians to create, grow and protect their wealth. Your Bernie Lewis Financial Adviser will provide expert advice and reliable service to help manage your finances.

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Lifetime Advice for life’s changing priorities

Contrary to popular belief, financial advice is not just for those on high incomes, near retirement or with lots of assets.

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Advice for life

Whatever stage of life you’re in, a financial adviser can suggest strategies to improve your current and future position.

20’s- 30’s -Starting out

When you’re just starting out it’s all about saving for an overseas trip, a wedding or your first home. During this time, a Financial Adviser can help you build wealth with strategies like debt recycling and tax effective strategies. They can also help you with your [VS1] super – exploring (high growth) options, salary sacrifice, and possibly government co-contributions. At this stage, it’s a good idea to have some protection and estate planning in place.

30’s & 40’s – Responsibility growing

Later on as your responsibilities grow, often so too does your debt. For people in their thirties and forties debt management is one of the key areas where an adviser can help.

You may be earning a good income and probably supporting a family, an adviser can make sure you have all your bases covered so if accident or illness strike, you won’t lose everything you’ve worked so hard for.

50’s - Plus

Super is always a major concern in any financial plan, but it really comes into focus in pre-retirement. As this is your last chance to take advantage of super’s special tax treatment. An adviser can help you do this with strategies like salary sacrifice, after-tax contributions, spouse contributions and transition to retirement.  


Even when you finally retire, there are still plenty of things to consider – selling the family home, choosing aged care, Centrelink benefits and taxation. There’s also the matter of estate planning – to make sure you pass your assets onto loved ones and not the tax man.

A financial adviser can help you throughout your life, and the sooner you start planning the better off you’ll be.

Once you have provided all the necessary information we’ll analyse it and develop and present our recommendations.

You will then meet with us to discuss our recommendations and instruct us to implement or modify the agreed strategies. It is important that you take ownership of your financial decisions - we can offer appropriate solutions, but those decisions remain yours.

If you do not feel totally comfortable with the options presented or making a decision about them then you must seek more information and advice from us until you are comfortable.

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