12 Steps to Christmas

Welcome to our 12 Steps to Christmas, our guide to advance your financial health by Christmas 2024.

Welcome to our 12 Steps to Christmas 2024, our guide to advance your financial health by Christmas 2024. Over the next 12 months we will highlight areas that you could consider reviewing, with an aim to improve your financial wellbeing and grow your wealth.

We will continue to provide you with our lending market updates, whilst also chatting with our trusted business partners and industry experts about topics which can help solidify and increase your financial position.

As your dedicated Mortgage and Finance Broker, we are always here for you, and we really do care about helping you achieve your financial goals. However, your lending is just one piece of the puzzle of financial security and wealth creation. There is a lot to consider outside of your home loan, and we simply want to open up those conversations.

We find ourselves in an economic climate with foggy horizons, so it is necessary that you cast your net further to review related services and topics that may help you improve your future.

Our homeowners may explore investing further in real estate or solidifying their family estate. Our hopeful first home buyers might be looking at growing a deposit through investment and budgeting strategies. We believe there should be at least one task for you to contemplate across this next year, that will be covered in our monthly guide and market update.

What are the 12 Steps to Christmas?

We will be talking with our trusted business partners and industry experts to provide you with real insights and tips. You can check out a preliminary list of topics (in no particular order) we’ll touch on throughout the year below:

  • 2024 Financial Review: Assessing your current situation, reviewing your finances, and goal planning
  • Investment: The benefit of a great Property Manager for your investment
  • Budgeting: The importance of balancing your home and credit
  • Estate Planning: Securing your family’s future before it’s too late
  • Next Home Buyers: Identifying how to buy and sell property at the right time
  • First Home Buyers: Ways to safely enter the housing market
  • Legal considerations and Conveyancing: Peace of mind for your property and assets
  • Insurance: Reviewing your insurances, ensuring you have appropriate coverage
  • Superannuation: Are you on the right track to a sustainable retirement?
  • Investment: Should you purchase an existing dwelling or build something new
  • Accounting and Taxation: Aligning your property goals with your accountant and tax planning
  • Investing in Shares: Growing your wealth through micro-investing and the share market

Get started now!

To begin 2024, we simply ask that you think about what is important to your financial outlook for the next 12 months and beyond. Some common goals we frequently see from our clients at the beginning of the new year are:

  • Building a nest egg or emergency fund
  • Investing to grow wealth faster
  • Paying down debt and increasing equity
  • Budget planning to increase cash flow
  • Boosting retirement position

Feel free to share your financial goals with us, and we’ll happily see where we can help.

We can start by looking at the latest trends in your local property market, with a complimentary property and suburb report.

Important Information

*The information provided in this article is general in nature and does not take into account your personal circumstances. Since everyone’s personal situation is different, this article should not be taken as advice.

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