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Saving Incentive for First Home Buyers

Posted in: Insights, NewsPosted on: 16/05/2017

As part of the 2017 Federal Budget the Treasurer announced the First Home Super Savers Scheme to assist first home buyers fast track their savings for a deposit to purchase their first home.

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Have you got your new Entertainment™ Book?

Posted in: NewsPosted on: 15/05/2017

For the last 22 years, Entertainment™ has been providing organisations throughout Australia with an exclusive fundraising product that everyone looks forward to.

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The little things are the big things!

Posted in: InsightsPosted on: 15/05/2017

When it comes to your home loan, making small changes can add up to big savings. Additional repayments and changing the repayment frequency can have a dramatic affect on how long it will take you to repay your home loan and how much interest you will pay.

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What does the budget mean for you?

Posted in: Insights, NewsPosted on: 10/05/2017

The Federal Budget was handed down last night. There are significant changes in many areas. Will you be affected?

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6 reasons to consider refinancing

Posted in: InsightsPosted on: 10/05/2017

Refinancing is a financial option that you may not be aware of. There are several reasons why you may wish to consider refinancing.

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Are You Financially Secure?

Posted in: InsightsPosted on: 10/05/2017

When was the last time you seriously thought about the financial consequences if something were to go wrong?

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Reserve Bank Interest Rate Decision

Posted in: Insights, NewsPosted on: 04/04/2017

Reserve Bank of Australia announces April Interest Rate Decision

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March RBA Cash Rate announcement

Posted in: NewsPosted on: 07/03/2017

At its meeting today, the Board decided to leave the cash rate unchanged at 1.50 per cent.

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An Apple a Day Keeps the Plastic Away

Posted in: InsightsPosted on: 17/02/2017

It won't be long before we can all leave our cards at home as smart phones become the 'plastic' of the future

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Are you one of the 85 percent?

Posted in: InsightsPosted on: 15/02/2017

A recent survey by online bank, UBank has revealed that 85% of Australians with a home loan do not know the interest rate they are paying on their loan.

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