Spring clean your loan for a chance to win

Posted in: NewsPosted on: 23/11/2015

Hurry! - our spring clean offer is ending soon. Book a review of your home loan today!

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Volunteering for Meals on Wheels

Posted in: NewsPosted on: 20/11/2015

Bernie Lewis staff enjoy helping Meals on Wheels to provide a much needed service to the community.

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Reserve Bank keeps rates on hold

Posted in: NewsPosted on: 03/11/2015

The Reserve Bank has announced today that they will leave the cash rate at 2.00%

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Mark Lewis and the Bernie Lewis Story

Posted in: InsightsPosted on: 27/10/2015

Managing Director Mark Lewis sheds valuable insight into the Bernie Lewis story and how it sets itself apart in the financial industry.

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Spring clean your home loan for a chance to win

Posted in: NewsPosted on: 22/10/2015

Review your home loan with Bernie Lewis to take advantage of the great interest rates and home loans currently on offer. Book your review today for your chance to win!

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Free seminar - What to consider when building a home

Posted in: NewsPosted on: 28/09/2015

Are you interested in building a new home or undertaking major renovations? Attend a free seminar to learn more.

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Discounted Variable rate home loan 3.99%

Posted in: NewsPosted on: 09/09/2015

Just when you thought our already low rate home loan couldn't get any better - we've managed to do the impossible! 3.99% and still no fees!

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Investor update - what lies ahead for investors?

Posted in: NewsPosted on: 26/08/2015

Volatility is a normal and expected part of share investing, which is why robust investment portfolios are built to withstand short-term market corrections and asset class repricing.

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Mark Lewis talks on FIVEaa about Guarantor Loans

Posted in: RadioPosted on: 25/08/2015

Listen to Mark Lewis and Vera Mortimer talk about how parents can help their children get into their own home sooner. FIVEaa Monday 24 August.

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Ten tips for buying your first home

Posted in: NewsPosted on: 21/08/2015

If you're considering buying your first home and need expert advice, Mark Lewis shares his top ten tips

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