Our financial services partners

Bernie Lewis offers choice of solutions for your key financial needs: home loan, super, insurance and investments. The solutions we recommend are financed by our wide choice of financial services partners, who we've carefully selected to ensure they provide reputable, cost effective financial solutions.

Like the saying says, "don’t put all your eggs in the one basket” this is true for your finances. You should ensure that the products and providers you choose offer appropriate solutions suited to your circumstances and needs.

As a client of Bernie Lewis you can have your financial solutions across multiple providers but managed by us so you don‟t have to speak with lots of different people from lots of different companies and keep repeating yourself and your key needs and information.

Bernie Lewis has access to thousands of financial solutions from a wide choice of financial services partners, including:

  • Major banks
  • Regional banks
  • Credit unions
  • Private lenders
  • Industry super funds
  • Other super funds
  • Insurance providers
  • Investment managers

You have a choice. You can race around town doing your own comparisons, or let us do it all for you. We can tailor a home loan, super, insurance or investment solution, whatever your circumstances may be.


Content correct as of 1/08/14.