Managed funds

A managed fund is a professionally managed investment portfolio that individual investors can buy into, purchasing "units" rather than shares. Like shares your unit values will be calculated on a daily basis and will move in line with the market.

Each managed fund has a specific investment objective which drives their investment strategy so you should choose the fund that will best help you meet your investment goals. The managed fund's investment strategy will help determine the level of investment in the on the different asset classes invested in on your behalf (as well as for all the other investors in that fund).

There are many benefits to investing in a managed fund:

  • Experts manage your money. Qualified investment professionals with access to research and quality information manage these investments.
  • It's easy to diversify your investments
  • It's easy to set up a regular investment plan. A regular investment plan is investing over a period of time to average out the cost at which you buy the units.

Content correct as of 1/08/14.